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Fast Fill Vents


Fast Fill Standard Fuel Vent

5" Stem

Available in 7" (V150L7), and

12" (V150L12) Stems.

Direct replacement for:

Wiggins: ZV10


Caterpillar: 6G-7803

Part # V150

Top Port Thread Size: 2"Male NPT

Weight: 2.4 Lbs


Fast Fill Fuel Vent

5" Stem with Anti Vandalism Flange

Reduces fuel theft and tank vandalism. The underside is threaded with bolt pattern on to which locks the vent in place. Bolts not included. Not compatible with V150W.

Direct replacement for:

Wiggins: ZV11

FloMAX: VT-A-7

Caterpillar: 9G-0165

Part # V150D

Weight: 2.5Lbs


Fast Fill Fuel Vent with NPT Adapter

5" Stem

Allows for easy hose attachment with 1" Female NPT Swivel Adapter on opening of vent cap. 

Direct replacement for:

Wiggins: ZV10C


Caterpillar: 5V-6106

Part # V150C

Top Port Thread Size: 2"Male NPT

Weight: 2.6Lbs


Fast Fill Whistle Fuel Vent

7" Stem

Whistles when tank reaches internal pressures of 5-7 PSI. This creates a clear signal to operator that nozzle should be shutting off. 


Part # V150WL7

Top Port Thread Size: 2"Male NPT

Weight: 2.8Lbs

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