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Compact Dynastar Pumps and Kits

Available in many options which includes: metering system feedback, tank size and tank accessories. The Compact Dynastar pump can be sized and designed to perform excellently with many types of large machines. Fuelhawk offers for purchase either the pump itself, or an extensive installation kit with a custom mount and manuals to simplify installation on the unit. If any installation questions arise during install, our knowledgeable techs are always available to help.


Compact Dyna-Star 24 VDC Series progressive Grease Pump and 12 L Reservoir, Follower Plate, Level Reporting, Auto-Fill Shut Off


Part # CD1014

Weight: 57 Lbs

Max Working Pressure: 3500 PSI

Reservoir Size: 12L

Voltage: 24V

Other Model #'s Available:

CD1000, CD1011, CD1012, CD1013, CD1014, CD1031, CD1032, CD1111, CD1112, CD1113, CD1114, CD1211, CD1212, CD1213, CD1214, CD1311, CD1312, CD1313, CD1314, CD2000, CD2021, CD2022, CD2023, CD2024, CD2121, CD2122, CD2123, CD2124, CD2221, CD2222, CD2223, CD2224, CD2321, CD2322, CD2323, CD2324, CD2051, CD2052, CD2151, CD2152, CD2251, CD2252, CD2351, CD2352, CD3000, CD3061, CD3062, CD3063, CD3064, CD3161, CD3162, CD3163, CD3164, CD3261, CD3263, CD3362, CD3364, CD3071, CD3072, CD3171, CD3271, CD3372

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Automatic lubrication system kit for D11 dozer, including:

 - A Graco Compact Dyna-Star with 12-liter steel reservoir, grease level reporting auto-fill shutoff, in-cab control and Graco GLC-X Controller

 - Installation Kit includes Stainless steel mounting bracket for lubricator, filters, primary MSP valve, weld blocks for support of wires and hoses and misc. adapters.

 - Incoming/discharge grease connection with filter (100 mesh) and piping to lubricator fill port.  Includes auto-shutoff manifold.

 - Three distribution (MSP) blocks to provide a total of 18 lubrication outlets.

-A proximity sensor will be wired to the controller to provide feedback

 - A set of 26 Eaton Matchmate 1/4" hoses will be provided 

Fuelhawk Exclusive CDS-002.2

Part # CDS-002.2

Weight: N/A Lbs

Max Working Pressure: 3500 PSI

Reservoir Size: 12L

Voltage: 24V

Other Model #'s Available:

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